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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Quick Jaunt From Monmouth

With the weather looking poor for a few days we took the opportunity of a final sunny day to have a short wander into the hills and woods surrounding Monmouth leading up onto local viewpoint The Kymin.

From the Wye Bridge we headed up through the Wyesham suburb, emerging in a field with wide-ranging views across the Wye Valley and over the town. With Monmouth unfurled beneath us, we could make out some of the remnants of the town's past, such as an amputated railway viaduct that once spanned the Wye, in the days when Monmouth still had a rail link.

Pushing on up an increasingly steep hill, we made our way through a confusing warren of lanes and paths that seemed to be through back gardens until we reached the top of the pleasantly-named 'Good Neighbour's Lane', a short distance from the top of The Kymin.

The view from the top was as good as any in the Wye Valley which, given the spectacular vistas available in the area, is really saying something. Our vantage point enabled us to pick out individual hills in the distant Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons before we began to descend along Offa's Dyke Path to the south.

The well-marked track led us to the edge of a thickly wooded slope, falling gently towards the Wye.
Back down at river-level, we headed upstream past Monmouth Showground, enjoying a closer inspection of the viaduct we had seen earlier before wandering back up to the road at the old bridge once more.

The Kymin is a spot I've been meaning to visit for a while, and despite the effort needed to get there (on foot at least), it was well worth the effort of a gorgeous half day stroll.

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