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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A trip on the Tywi

Well so much for summer being my busiest time of year! Lately it seems that if I'm not running a first aid course I'm planning one or managing the admin that goes with one. With an NNAS skills course coming up this weekend I can probably add navigation skills courses to the ever-growing list of things conspiring to keep me occupied! I have found the time to get out and about though, whether it be caving, a recent trip to Cardiff International Whitewater Centre or yesterday's jaunt on the Tywi with colleagues from one of the outdoor centres I work for.

It's been a few months since I was on the river and I have to admit to being a bit rusty but Ian and Dom put me to shame even though they haven't paddled in years. It was nice to see that the skills remain, even with the passage of time.

We had the river to ourselves for the day and only saw one passerby - a helpful guy shouting down from a bridge to warn us about a tree across the river. He even turned up at the end of the trip to help bring boats up and have a chat about his past paddling experience!

So after a first trip of the winter I'm up for some more rivers, new or old, who knows what's next? Thanks to Ian of the Dean Field Studies Centre for the video

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